Shannon Cunningham
Owner and designer

I have studied astrology for the past 9 years, practiced it for the last several, and it is safe to say that besides the people I love, it is my greatest passion. I find astrology really exciting and this is what I endeavour to bring to my astrological website, goodies and gift bags. I also fill them with a lot of love and care.




SallyGirl -
is the childhood nickname of accessories designer Leslie Paul.

Her creations take inspiration from rescued materials. They are made using vintage garments, and fabrics spun into funky one-of-a-kinds you can feel good about--and in!




Jewelry designer

Fabriquer is a one-woman business based out of a desk in a bay window in Toronto, Ontario. Fabriquer pieces incorporate items found on various travels with vintage, wooden and glass beads to create a fun, flirty sense of romantic jewelery.




Monique Chan - jewelry designer

Monique Chan holds a B.F.A in Visual Arts from the University of Western Ontario and an A.A.S. in Fashion Design from Parsons School of Design. Using skills honed throughout a life of crafting and creating as well as those gained from school, Monique launched MoonRox in 1999. MoonRox is a one-woman Toronto based company that seeks to provide unique and high quality hand-crafted jewellery to women of all ages. MoonRox designs range from simple and bold to dazzling and intricate. Common new and vintage materials used include semi-precious stones, crystals, glass beads and metals including brass and steel. Over the years, the company's designs have evolved, but have always been fashion forward with a dash of whimsical flair. Each and every piece is conceived and created by Monique in her downtown Toronto studio.




Andrew Foerster
illustrator (star presents amulet designer)

Andrew Foerster is a 3rd year illustration student at the OCADU. From a young age, he has always been interested in art. From doodling with crayons, then paint, then back to crayons, he now works in a wide variety of mediums from silkscreen printing, sculpting and set design, to sketchy or graphic. His work is often primarily inspired by music; whether it is creepy or sappy. He generally works in one of two styles, dark and disturbed or so cute you choke. More of Andrew's work can be found on his website.


Cool women
who do cool things



  I have had the pleasure of having a tarot reading done by Deirdre and she is incredible:

Tinkerwoman Unlimited
Deirdre Norman is a professional astrologer, Tarot consultant and hockey player whose pragmatic approach and over 15 years experience imbues each session with clarity and spontaneity. She is available for private sessions, classes, and private or corporate functions. Check out her website

And Kelly did an intuitive reading of my kitty Virginia, based on seeing her in a series of photos, and it was bang-on amazing! This woman is gifted:

Intuitive Kelly Benoit will clairvoyantly guide you through the storyboard of your life. Kelly's psychic ability allows her to deeply connect to your past, present and future and uncover the life path placed before you. A Speaking 'Woof' reading is designed to take you to the next level of personal awareness enabling you to move past emotional, physical, mental and spiritual 'blocks' in your life and fully connect to the part of you seeking peace, love and happiness. By looking at a photograph, Kelly Benoit uses her ability of intuition to connect to your personal energy, Animal Communication with
your family companion, Crossing Over channeling messages and insights from loved ones who have passed away as well as Medical Intuition. Kelly has published her first book Speaking 'Woof' A Guided Journey Into Self Discovery, based on her personal life and journey as a clairvoyant. Invite yourself to visit Kelly's website to learn more about her service.





  Brittany Ross - Star Presents Web Design

Brittany is a tour de force, beyond a pleasure to work with, and talented in myriad ways.  She took all the photographs for the website and is quietly efficient. The site speaks for itself but please take a look at her other work:



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