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What does ďmy signĒ mean?

What most people refer to as your astrological ďsignĒ is actually your Sun sign. This is the sign in which the Sun was located at the time of your birth. In fact, all of the planets, including the Moon were in a particular sign at the exact time of your birth and all of that information has a great deal of meaning in terms of who you, specifically, are!  

The Sun is the most predictable and easy to follow celestial body in the sky. It moves one degree per day, it goes through one sign about every 30 days, and it takes roughly one year to complete its loop through the zodiac wheel. Sound familiar?  Yes, this is actually how long it takes us to go one rotation around the sun. But we measure astrology from earth because thatís where we earthlings live. So the Sun fits quite neatly into our calendar. 

The Sun also gets the greatest amount of press because it is the biggest and brightest object in our galaxy. For this reason, in your chart, the Sun represents your gravitational center and what you are becoming in your lifetime. Itís your heartís desire and thatís a pretty big deal.  

However, it is not right to say that it is all that you are! I once heard an astrologer say that the Sun accounts for about 52% of your astrological stuffing and although I am reluctant to agree to a percentage, I think it is a good way to say Ė you are much more than ďyour signĒ.  

If your Sun sign was all that astrology was about, there would only be 12 different personality types in the world and we all know this isnít true. However, the watered down version of astrology that you read in your daily newspaper seems to suggest that this is the case and, for many, this is the only thing they know about astrology. This is why I get a lot of strange looks from strangers when I say Iím an astrologer. They think I am a weak-minded, superstitious and faith-driven weirdo. Itís a hard first impression to work back from- trust me! 

But I digress. In the end- Star Presents is all about your Sun sign because it is a good chunk of who you are and I had to pick one central theme to start with. Eventually I hope to be making gifts and goodies for men as well. And one day, I will start making gifts and goodies for your Moon sign, then your Rising sign and then gift bags specifically designed just for You and- Oh! itís gonna be beautiful. Until then, baby steps, one pebble at a time.