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Where can I get a reading done?

This list will grow, as I would like to offer contact info for a number of professional astrologers from each province, but for now- here is a list of great astrologers I know personally or who have been highly recommended to me.


Shannon Cunningham - shannon@starpresents.ca
Janet Markham- jaylynn37@hotmail.com
Julie Simmons- miyax@sympatico.ca www.juliesimmons.ca
Tamara Wizinski- tamara@innerpowerastrology.com
Jeannie Brereton- jbrereton@huges.net
Deirdre Norman- tinkerwoman@sympatico.ca www.tinkerwoman.com
Don Keith- thekeiths@sympatico.ca

Western Canada:

Anne Massey- anne@astrologicallyspeaking.com, www.astrologicallyspeaking.com
Chris McRae in Edmonton www.astrologychrismcrae.com
Janice Brown www.janicebrown-astrology.com
Phyllis Chubb www.phyllischubb.com
Rose Marcus www.rosemarcus.com 
Denise Grams www.planetarypresence.ca
Dawn Muncaster www.dawnastrology.com
Marielle Croft www.croftastrologer.com

Eastern Canada:

wynne jordan- wynne@eastcoastastrology.ca, www.eastcoastastrology.ca

Please consult www.thecaae.com and www.astrologytoronto.ca  for a list of more professional Canadian astrologers.