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Where can I learn more about this fascinating subject???

Astrological Organizations in Canada and beyond

CAAE- The Canadian Association for Astrological Education (CAAE) is a non-profit organization incorporated in 1993. It was established through the efforts of Canadian astrologers to provide a formal approach to the teaching and study of astrology for both students and teachers. www.thecaae.com.

ATI- Astrology Toronto is a non-profit organization of individuals interested in Astrology.  Our purpose is to educate and promote research in astrology as well as to raise the level of knowledge, insight and professional competence among its members.

Our mandate is to further public understanding of astrology, to facilitate communications between AT and other astrological organizations and to foster the sharing of astrological resources and information. www.astrologytoronto.ca

astro.com – This is a  website I love surfing and using FOR FREE. Go to “my astro” on their home page and it will take you to a place where you can plug in your birth info and then you can read all about you in the free horoscope section (remember- as close as you can get to an exact birth time is really a must)! Liz Green And Robert Hand are two of the world’s best astrologers and they run the site.

ISAR- ISAR is dedicated to encouraging the highest standards of quality in astrology. We do that in several ways: by offering a certification program that emphasizes ethics awareness, competence in techniques and interpretation, and empathic consulting skills; by promoting data accuracy and the reporting of original sources; by networking with other organizations to provide the best astrological educational services available anywhere; by sponsoring research to help build the body of proven scientific evidence relevant to astrology; by issuing a professionally written Journal and a weekly e-newsletter. www.isarastrology.com